Shipping insurance

Commodity Transport Insurance
Transportation Marine Cargo Insurance, any load, it is convenient to carry sea, air, road and rail transport by other means, from a place to another place during transport that damage and losses in the policy determined the general and special conditions under the guaranteeing insurance is a type.
Securities Insurance
This insurance jewelery, like gold, precious metals and stones, cash and other valuable goods, a vehicle with a (ship, truck, plane, or train) from one place to the ground while transporting an accidental damage and / or armed robbery and risks of robbery, under the general and special conditions specified in the policy is guaranteed.
Domestic Carriers Liability Insurance
Within Turkey by road freight transport operators courier companies, their own and / or lease with the tools they transport service their customers’ emtea moving the guarantees under the operation of a risk as a result of the nature of legal responsibilities in the policy defined conditions and within limits that guarantee the fuses are.
Domestic Carriers Liability Insurance coverage Commodity Transport Insurance does not replace. According to the Turkish Commercial Code is the only carrier in cases where defective, within the conditions and limits on the policy provides cover.